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Never settle for mediocre

Personal trainers vary widely in education, experience, and approach. Given the vast differences amongst personal trainers, it can be challenging to pick amongst the hundreds of thousands of trainers out there. The personal trainer-client relationship is one which develops over time into a more meaningful partnership that is held together by trust and mutual respect, and finding a trainer with the following qualities is essential:

  • A thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and musculoskeletal dysfunctions

  • The ability to spot subtle movement patterns that may be indicative of physical dysfunctions, and the ability to modify exercises based on those observations 

  • Enough real-world experience working with all kinds of people in order to train clients safely and effectively 

  • A sincere passion to help others

  • Careful attention to body mechanics

  • Personalization of sessions to make them unique and fun, so that exercise becomes something to look forward to!

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