By personalizing every aspect of training sessions, Sasha seeks to change peoples' perception of exercise and healthy living. You can expect to start looking forward to exercising, eating healthy, managing your stress, and achieving goals you never thought possible.

Fitness Coaching

Therapeutic Exercise

Pre & Postnatal Training

Fitness for Older Adults

What to expect

Initial Consultation

30 minutes

​This is your chance to ask me anything and to get a better sense of my training style. I use this opportunity to learn more about your goals and expectations in order to provide you with an overview of how we can work together to achieve each goal, bearing in mind that the initial evaluation will provide information essential to create your bespoke fitness program. Initial consultations can take place anywhere, but most commonly occur where sessions will be held, such as your house, apartment gym, or online.

First Session: Initial Evaluation

90 - 120 minutes

Your first session will include a subjective evaluation, functional movement screening, and baseline measurements that will be used in the creation of your program. Because everyone is unique, evaluations vary in duration based on what information I must ascertain to create a safe and effective program, as well as the time dedicated to education and practice of the exercises and techniques that will form the foundation for future sessions.

Follow-Up Sessions

60 - 90 minutes 

After your initial evaluation, sessions will be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The specific format of your program will be individualized according to many factors including, but not limited to, your goals, fitness level, current or past injuries, pain, lifestyle, and personal preferences. My role as a trainer is to provide you with the tools, information, guidance, and support you need to ensure continuous progress towards a healthier lifestyle.